How to maintain pelvic fitness by Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System + Vaginal Cones and Weight

Selena Macleay
Published 20/05/2023 - 2 weeks ago

A woman comes out of her pregnancy with a totally different body. She is fragile both physically and mentally. Coping with the new demands of motherhood put a strain on her.

Common problems that women undergo after pregnancy

Stress urinary incontinence – Having had to carry with the baby’s weight for all the 40 weeks of pregnancy, the stress settles on a woman’s pelvis, weakening her PC muscles. The strain of labor adds to her pelvis getting bruised and stretched. SUI or stress urinary incontinence sets in a majority of women after child birth and women’s athletic clothing they have to cope with urine leakage whenever they sneeze, cough or affordable activewear brands laugh.

Sexual problems – The weakened vaginal muscles add to the woman’s woes and she cannot achieve the ultimate pleasure herself nor gym clothes brands can she satisfy her partner. All this unhappiness and despair in her post pregnancy days throws her in a fit of depression. If you adored this information and you would certainly like to receive even more details pertaining to affordable activewear brands kindly browse through our webpage. A few women get so devastated and spend a lot of time thinking about their outer appearance and inability to perform well in bed.

Understanding the potential weaknesses in her post partum body, a woman should take the right steps to end this anxiety and turmoil.

Benefits of Aquaflex pelvic floor exercise systems

Medical fraternity the world over give hopes to women in such condition and advice them to use certain pelvic floor exercise devices. Workouts with these devices have proved to be a great boon in solving all their sexual problems which they are likely to encounter after childbirth. Many such devices are available in the market today and one of the best among them is the Aquaflex pelvic floor exercise system. This system comes with some weights and instagram fitness clothing brands cones and when worked optimally provides the much needed benefits.

Moreover the Aquaflex pelvic floor exercise system gets rid of the depression, anxiety and physiological tension a new mother is facing. With a regular work out of about 20 minutes a day, one gets to see positive results in just 12 weeks. A manual which comes with the Aquaflex pelvic floor exercise system, guides a beginner to use this system efficiently. A regular work out ensures solving the urinary incontinence problem and also tightens the vagina.

It comprises of weighted cones

The aquaflex system comprises of weighted cones. The weights range from zero to 55 g of twelve different weight levels and come with two sizes of vaginal cones. The user manual guides the user to master the technique of using the vaginal cones while recruiting the right muscles. When used without the weights, the cones act as a teaching aid to find and contract the right muscles.

Recommended by physiotherapists

The cones have adjustable weights which use the natural force of gravity to strengthen the pelvic floor and a woman need not squeeze and lift her muscles herself. Endorsed by many physiotherapists the world over, this system is considered to be the best of the traditional vaginal cones and vaginal weight products. Being user friendly and highly effective this product can be easily used in the privacy of a home.

This product has proved to be a great help to women with proven stress incontinence problems. This home exercise system will help the user/ patient to achieve overall benefits too and it can become a life time plan to maintain pelvic fitness for a woman.

The author is a qualified

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